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Who is Creative Technology Ltd?

Creative Technology Ltd. consist of the design, manufacture and distribution of digitized sound and video boards, computers and related multimedia, and personal digital entertainment products. Creative's Sound Blaster line is one of the dominant names in the PC audio market.
Creative Technology Ltd URL: www.creative.com
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Creative Technology Ltd files

  1. ctddlenc.dll (CTDDLEnc Dynamic Link Library by Creative Technology Ltd)
  2. ctaudcs.exe (Creative Audio Console by Creative Technology Ltd)
  3. cteffect.dll (CTEffect.dll by Creative Technology Ltd)
  4. ctdcres.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  5. ctdc0001.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  6. ctdcifce.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  7. centrale.exe (Creative Centrale by Creative Technology Ltd)
  8. ctupnpsv.exe (Creative Centrale by Creative Technology Ltd)
  9. ctdevsrv.exe ( CTDevSrv Application by Creative Technology Ltd)
  10. sbcinema.resources.dll (Sound Blaster Cinema by Creative Technology Ltd)
  11. sbcinema.exe (Sound Blaster Cinema by Creative Technology Ltd)
  12. ctpidpde.ocx (CTPID ActiveX Control Module by Creative Technology Ltd)
  13. ctsysvol.exe (Creative Volume Control by Creative Technology Ltd)
  14. diagent.exe (Creative Diagnostics Agent by Creative Technology Ltd)
  15. ctlvcentral3.exe (Live! Central 3 by Creative Technology Ltd)
  16. ctsblfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Labs)
  17. cterfxfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Labs)
  18. ctedspsy.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Labs)
  19. ctedspio.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Labs)
  20. ctedspfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Labs)
  21. cteapsfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Labs)
  22. ctaudfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Labs)
  23. commonfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative)
  24. ctapr2.exe (Audio Playback Redirection Engine by Creative Technology Ltd)
  25. ctksspi.dll (ctksspi by Creative Technology Ltd)
  26. ctmbspi.dll (ctmbspi by Creative Technology Ltd)
  27. ctpxspi.dll (ctpxspi by Creative Technology Ltd)
  28. ctaudspi.dll (ctaudspi.dll by Creative Technology Ltd)
  29. ctdmzspi.dll (ctdmzspi by Creative Technology Ltd)
  30. ambspisyncservice.exe (Creative Software Sales by Creative Technology Ltd)
  31. dbacsu.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  32. notiman.dll (Notification Manager Proxy Stub by Creative Technology Ltd)
  33. cttele64.dll (Creative Common Proxy Stud by Creative Technology Ltd)
  34. ctmwatch.dll (CTMWatch.dll by Creative Technology Ltd)
  35. ctopt352.dll (CTOPT352.dll by Creative Technology Ltd)
  36. eax.dll (EAX Unified by Creative Technology Ltd)
  37. thxaudnb.exe (THXAudioNB by Creative Technology Ltd)
  38. ctsvccda.exe (Creative Service for CDROM Access by Creative Technology Ltd)
  39. ctxfibtn.dll (CTXFIBTN Dynamic Link Library by Creative Technology Ltd)
  40. ctxfispk.dll (Ctxfispk Dynamic Link Library by Creative Technology Ltd)
  41. piaproxy.dll (E-mu PIA by Creative Technology Ltd)
  42. ctdproxy.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  43. ctosuser.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  44. ctasio.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  45. cttele32.dll (Creative Common Proxy Stud by Creative Technology Ltd)
  46. ctmlfx64.dll (CTMLFXxx.dll by Creative Technology Ltd)
  47. ctxfispi.exe (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  48. ctdcres.dll (Creative Technology Ltd CTDCRES by Creative Technology Ltd)
  49. ctspkhlp.dll (CtSpkHlp Dynamic Link Library by Creative Technology Ltd)
  50. ctagent.dll ( ctagent by Creative Technology Ltd)
  51. cthelper.exe (CtHelper Application by Creative Technology Ltd)
  52. mididef.exe (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  53. ctsvolfe.exe (Volume Control by Creative Technology Ltd)
  54. webcamdell2.exe (Webcam Central by Creative Technology Ltd)
  55. hookwnd.dll (Creative Dialog Skin Engine by Creative Technology Ltd)
  56. cthdactl.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  57. ctgetpdt.dll (CTGetPdt Dynamic Link Library by Creative Technology Ltd)
  58. hkdetect.dll (HKDetect.dll by Creative Technology Ltd)
  59. sbrcni.resources.dll (Sound Blaster Control Panel by Creative Technology Ltd)
  60. cthdasvc.exe (Creative Audio Product by Creative Technology Ltd)
  61. ctjckcfg.exe (Creative Jack Configuration by Creative Technology Ltd)
  62. sbrcni.exe (Sound Blaster Control Panel by Creative Technology Ltd)
  63. ctsetapo.dll (CTSetAPO.dll by Creative Technology Ltd)
  64. ctsusdku.dll (Creative Software AutoUpdate Plugin by Creative Technology Ltd)
  65. ctloadrs.dll (CTLoadRs Dynamic Link Library by Creative Technology Ltd)
  66. thxlgcy.dll (THXLegacy by Creative Technology Ltd)
  67. thxaudio.resources.dll (THXAudio by Creative Technology Ltd)
  68. ctxfihlp.exe (CTXfiHlp Application by Creative Technology Ltd)
  69. ctsblfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative)
  70. cterfxfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative)
  71. ctedspsy.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative)
  72. ctedspio.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative)
  73. ctedspfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative)
  74. cteapsfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative)
  75. ctaudfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative)
  76. commonfx.dll (Creative Audio Product by Creative Labs)
  77. ctthemeu.dll (Creative Theme Engine by Creative Technology Ltd)
  78. ctcadi.dll (nil by Creative Technology Ltd)
  79. ctinifu.dll (CTIniF by Creative Technology Ltd)
  80. ctaudep.dll (Audio Endpoint Selection by Creative Technology Ltd)
  81. rchidusb.dll (Remote Control System by Creative Technology Ltd)
  82. ctrice.dll (CTRice.dll by Creative Technology Ltd)
  83. ctcadiep.dll (CTCadiEP.dll by Creative Technology Ltd)
  84. ctaudseu.dll (CTAudSel library by Creative Technology Ltd)
  85. ctsueng.ocx (Creative Software AutoUpdate Engine by Creative Technology Ltd)
  86. ctcmsu.exe (Creative MediaSource by Creative Technology Ltd)
  87. ctpid.ocx (CTPID ActiveX Control Module by Creative Technology Ltd)
  88. ctsched.exe (Creative CTSched by Creative Technology Ltd)
  89. volpanlu.exe (Creative Volume Panel by Creative Technology Ltd)
  90. ctaudsvc.exe (Creative Audio Service by Creative Technology Ltd)
  91. thxaudio.exe (THXAudio by Creative Technology Ltd)
  92. webcamdell2.exe (Dell Webcam Central by Creative Technology Ltd)
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About (from Creative Technology Ltd at www.creative.com)
Creative is the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products. Founded in Singapore in 1981, Creative started with the vision that multimedia would revolutionise the way people interact with their PCs. Famous for its Sound Blaster sound cards an
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